The most common complaints by victims of Cosmetic Dental Medical Negligence are injures to the teeth and gums.

At Matt Rowland Solicitors, we realize that our teeth play an important role in every day life. Not only does it allow us to perform normal everyday tasks like eating and smiling but having a set of teeth we can be proud of can boost confidence and affect how we feel about ourselves on a psychological level.

What is a Dental negligence claims?

A Dental Negligence claim is a claim brought against a dental professional for negligence and breach of duty. A victim can make a claim for compensation where they sustain an injury to their teeth or gums.

In more complex dental negligence cases, a victim could also be diagnosed with other health problems following from a failure by the dental expert to correctly diagnose the patient (misdiagnosis a patient)

Dental Negligence claims can include

  • Failed implants and injures to mouth and jaw arising from poor root canals
  • Poor dental fitting which can cause gum disease
  • Damage to nerve or jaw
  • Extracting the wrong tooth
  • Failing to warm about the full risks of a procedure

If you have suffered injury as a result poor dental work, our expert solicitors can assist you in bringing a claim for compensation. Take advantage of our free 30 minutes consultation.



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