Our lawyers provide advice and assistance in all areas of Employment Law. This will generally cover relationships in the workplace, through a combination of contract law and statutory rights and duties of employees and their employers.

If you or your loved have had your civil liberties interfered with as a result of Police misconduct, then our Action against the Police specialists can help you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

We understand that you may feel hopeless and powerless against the police, but you have the right to justice, fairness and to be treated with dignity. All police officers are bound to abide by a strict code of conduct and have sworn to act within the limits of their powers. Therefore, is you believe that you have been a victim of police misconduct or that you have suffered due to a police officer abusing their powers we can assist you in getting justice.

Whatever the nature of your claim, contact our specialist team today. We are ready and able to assist you.

No Win No Fee Action Against the Police Claims

Where appropriate, we can offer to deal with your claim on a “no win no fee” basis. This is offered on a case by case basis and has proven to be a popular method of funding. Because we believe that people should be able to get access to justice, we may offer to deal with your claim on a no-win-no-fee basis following an initial review of your claim. Note that this is only one option of funding and we can discuss your other options when you contact us.



You can bring the following types of  Civil Actions against the Police if you believe that they have infringed on your rights or abused their powers

False Imprisonment & Unlawful Detention

You may have a claim for false imprisonment if you have been imprisoned without legal authority. A wrongful arrest may amount to false imprisonment depending on the circumstances. If you have been wrongfully imprisoned or arrested you may be entitled to bring a claim for compensation against the Police or Public body. 

Discrimination and claims under the Equality Act

Police officers must carry out their duties in accordance with the Equality Act. They cannot discriminate against members of the public because of their sex, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. If you have been treated differently by a Police officer because of your sex race, religion, disability or sexual orientation you may be entitled to compensation.  

Malfeasance & Misconduct in Public Office

It is an offence in common law for those in public office to exploit their powers or use it in a way that breaches the public trust. A holder of a public office such as a police officer must not exercise their  privileges improperly. Thus, if a Police officer’s actions is such that it goes against the normal duties of their office, they could be guilty of misconduct.

Assault & Battery

a claim for assault and battery can arise out of the action of threatening a person together with the action of making physical contact with them. Whilst the police have powers to detain and arrest, they must carry out these duties with proportionate force, that is commensurate to the incident at hand. If you have been unlawfully assaulted by an officer our solicitors can assist you

Malicious Prosecution

occurs where proceedings have been brought against you wrongfully and out of malice. Thus, if the police or a prosecutor initiates a claim against you in bad faith, then you may have a claim for malicious prosecution. To be successful in winning a case for malicious prosecution, you must be able to show that the case which had been brought against you had no merit or ended in your favour.

Human Rights Breaches

According to the Human Rights Act 1998, everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. This also applies to the members of the Police force in the carrying out of their daily activities. If you or a loved one has been subjected to inhumane degrading or humiliating treatment at the hands of a police officer, then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.


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