Surgeries are traumatic but often necessary and essential to maintain our wellbeing. Depending on the diagnosis given to you, you may require surgery to improve your quality of life and your overall wellbeing. While almost all surgeons have a specialist area and will perform surgeries to an extremely high standard; unfortunately, there are times when surgeons who we trust at our most vulnerable times fail to provide the best care and/or make mistakes.

Where a surgeon has been negligent this would amount to a breach of duty. If the negligent act subsequently causes injury, then you may be eligible to bring a claim for compensation.

Similarly, if a surgeon fails to explain a procedure or seek consent prior to performing a surgery you may also be able to eligible to bring a claim. The law states that unless in an emergency, the surgeon must explain and seek permission from the patient or their next of kin.

If your surgeon has failed to seek consent and you have suffered as a result of the poor outcome of that surgery; our expert team of solicitors can assist you in bringing a claim for compensation. One of the questions we would consider when permission was not sought is whether an alternative course of action than the surgery would have achieved the same or better result

If you have suffered injuries as a result of surgical negligence, call our Surgical Injury Negligence Claims Solicitors.

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