The ‘Domestic Worker in a Private household’ category allows overseas employers to bring their domestic workers with them when they visit the UK for up to 6 months. To come here as a domestic worker, you must be an established member of your employer’s staff – you must have worked for your employer for at least a year before you apply for a visa.

You must intend to work full-time in the UK as a domestic worker for that employer in their household and live there.

You and your employer must have a written agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of your employment. It must say that that your employer will comply with UK law on the national minimum wage.

You must intend to travel to the UK with:

  • an employer who is a British or EEA citizen, usually lives outside the UK, and does not intend to stay in the UK for more than 6 months; or
  • that employer’s husband, wife, civil partner or child who is also a British or EEA citizen; or
  • the foreign national husband, wife, civil partner or child of an employer who is a British or EEA citizen and does not intend to stay in the UK for more than 6 months; or
  • a foreign national employer (or their husband, wife, civil partner or child) who has a visa to come to the UK as a visitor.

You must also:

  • be aged between 18 and 65; and
  • intend to leave the UK at the end of 6 months or at the same time as your employer, whichever is sooner; and
  • not intend to work in the UK except as a domestic worker for that employer; and
  • be able to support yourself without the need for public funds.

Who can apply for a Domestic Worker Visas

Domestic workers include nannies, security staff, cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, personal tutors and those providing personal care for the employer or a member of the employer’s family,

If successful, a domestic worker must return home at the end of the 6 months or when your employer returns home, whichever is sooner. The UKBA will not extend your permission to stay past 6 months or past the time that your employer is in the UK. A domestic worker will not be allowed to change employers while in the UK nor can they bring their dependants.

Dependant of a domestic worker will have to apply for a separate visiting visa and meet the eligibility

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