Victimisation occurs when someone subjects you to a detriment, or unfair treatment, because you have made or are seeking to make a protected disclosure such as whistle blowing. Because the main aim of Victimisation is to protect employees against retaliation it would also cover, situations in which an employee is punished for having made a complaint of sexual harassment.

Victimisation amounts to unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. It is often confused with claims of bullying or harassment but it is different and has a specific legal definition.

Victimisation may also arise where a grievance has been brought and the employee bringing the grievance is treated differently and, in a way, that they suffer a detriment.

If an employment solicitor can show that you have been subjected to Victimisation, the Tribunal will usually make a declaration that the actions of the employer was unlawful and as well as give a compensatory award.  

Our Expert Victimisation solicitors deal with all manner of discriminatory applications to the Employment Tribunal. If you believe you have been a subject of victimization because you have made a protected disclosure or brought a grievance, call us for a free no obligation consultation.



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