Public Liability is an area of Tort Law which focuses on civil wrongs.  As a stated rule, property owners need to take “reasonable” precautions to prevent injury to people legally invited on their premises. For example, a pub owner is under a duty to make sure that there are no spillages which can cause paying guests to slip or trip on the premises

This rules that govern public liability claims applies to both publicly and privately owned properties. As such, most proprietors will be insured against accidents including slips and trips on their property.

When can I bring a Public Liability claim?

If you have been injured on a property such as a gym or a pub, you are entitled to bring a claim under common law. Essentially your claim will be saying that you have sustained injuries as a result of the negligence of the proprietor of the premises in question. In bringing this type of claim you will need to show that you were not a trespasser and that the proprietor breached their duty of care.

An unfortunate slip and trip accident can lead to any injury from bruising or whiplash to torn muscles or bone fractures. This might mean you have to take time off work along with appropriate medical and therapeutic treatment and care, and in such cases, you can always claim for compensation.

A claim under Public liability can arise following an injury in any number of places including 

  • Theme parks
  • Pubs
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Footpaths & Roads
  • Public car parks
  • Gyms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centers
  • Bowling Alleys

Our specialist personal injury lawyers have a proven track record  in recovering compensation in the area of public liability claims including slips and trips. If you have sustained an injury in a public place or in a public establishment through no fault of your own, then call our expert legal advisers today. We can take on your case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis’.

How will I pay my legal fees if I bring a compensation claim?

At Matt Rowland Solicitors we believe that everyone should have access to justice when they have sustained an injury through no fault of their own. That’s why most of our personal injury cases are handled on a No Win No Fee basis.

Start your claim today by taking advantage of our free no-obligation consultation.



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